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My Melody Rose Design Series 玫瑰花園系列 @ Sanrio Japan November 2013, 台灣三麗鷗2014年3月

A soft smile, a tender Melody. Sweet, cute and pink.

Sweet Lovely My Melody Series @ Sanrio Japan October 2013

My Melody Sugar Dream Design Series @ Sanrio Japan September 2013

May your dreams be deliciously sweet...

2013 Sanrio Halloween Series 萬聖節可愛變身系列 @ Sanrio Japan September 2013, 台灣三麗鷗2013年10月

2013 Sanrio Halloween Series : My Melody, Hello Kitty

Meet me in freaky forest...

My Melody Forest Design Series 午後森林系列@ Sanrio Japan June 2013, 台灣三麗鷗2013年7月

Waiting for the rain to stop, we take a short break in our forest playtime, a big mushroom providing the perfect shelter.

My Melody Window Design Series 花香小窗系列 @ Sanrio Japan February 2013, 台灣三麗鷗2013年4月

Opening my window, I enjoy the scent of flowers carried to me on a gentle breeze.

My Melody Garden Design Series 夢幻玫瑰系列 @ Sanrio Japan December 2012, 台灣三麗鷗2013年1月

Won't you stop to smell the roses with Melody?

My Melody Snow White Design Series 白雪公主童話系列 @ Sanrio Japan November 2012, 台灣三麗鷗2012年12月

Reflected in the mirror on the wall was Melody, the fairest maiden of them all. Melody lived happily in a small house in the woods with her seven squirrel friends.

My Melody Rose Design Series @ Sanrio Japan April 2012

Comfy and cute with roses and Melody.

My Melody Collection Series @ Sanrio Japan February 2012, 台灣三麗鷗2012年3月

My Melody Fuwa Melo Series @ Sanrio Japan December 2011

Soft and comfortable, sweet ans safe, in this room I love so much.

My Melody Snow World Series @ Sanrio Japan October 2011

Let's make lots of My Melody memories.

Magical Circus Series @ Sanrio Japan August 2011, 台灣三麗鷗2011年9月

Magical Circus Series: My Melody, Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars

My Melody Friends Series @ Sanrio Japan July 2011, 台灣三麗鷗2011年8月

Friendly times, a happy Melody.

My Melody Suite Floral Series @ Sanrio Japan April 2011

Butterflys float past on the breeze and whisper the names of flowers.

My Melody & Pipi 抱抱玩偶系列 @ Sanrio Japan January 2011, 台灣三麗鷗2011年2月

Together we stay, and spend the day, in our own special way.